Alexander Young
Chef/Owner of Zingerman's Roadhouse
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Rep. Timothy L. Walberg, MI-7
Rep. John D. Dingell, MI-12

Chefs Boot Camp alum, July 2012
Areas of interest: School nutrition standards, school meals, obesity, agriculture, and food assistance

"There aren’t enough farmers in this country. The small farms have been driven out of business by the big and powerful ones. This led to a degradation of quality, competition, flavor, and ultimately our health as a civilization."

Alexander Young created a 42-acre farm eight miles from his restaurant in order to have fresh ingredients and to exemplify responsible, local cooking. Alex is one on a very short list of chefs to be named a James Beard Food Activist for his education of his community on the importance of supporting farms and conscientious sourcing. He also traveled to Washington, DC, with a group of chefs to meet with over 30 members of Congress and advocate for school summer and breakfast programs as part of Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign.

Affiliated organizations: Healthy Schools Campaign, Share Our Strength, Chefs Collaborative, and Food Policy Action