Emily Luchetti
Executive Pastry Chef at Farallon and Waterbar
San Francisco, California

Twitter: @EmilyLuchetti
Instagram: emilyluchetti

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, CA-12

Chefs Boot Camp alum, September 2013
Areas of interest: reducing sugar intake, nutritional standards, obesity, and diabetes

"We can start by simply creating a conversation about what makes a dessert worthy to eat and when we should pass and save our calories for later."

Emily Luchetti created #dessertworthy, a campaign asking us to read labels for sugar content and think about our dessert indulgences. She also considers meeting and maintaining a coterie of the very best producers as necessary for a more sustainable food system and successful cooking. She advocates for female chefs and farmers and believes both need to have greater visibility in the culinary world; she previously served as chairperson of Women Chefs & Restaurateurs. Emily promotes better nutritional standards and healthy cooking, and awareness of sugar overuse and addiction, as an antidote to our country's obesity and diabetes epidemics. She is chair of the Board of Trustees at the James Beard Foundation.

Organization affiliations: #dessertworthy, Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, and Oxfam Sisters of the Planet

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