Hari Pulapaka
Chef/Owner of Cress
DeLand, Florida

Twitter: @cressrestaurant

Rep. Corrine Brown, FL-5
Rep. Ron DeSantis, FL-6

Chefs Boot Camp alum, May 2013
Areas of interest: seafood sustainability, responsible sourcing, agriculture, sustainability, minimizing waste, and nutrition

"It's going to take a concerted and committed effort to minimize food waste, create better distribution, develop more efficient public and private assistance programs, and last but not least, a generate a greater awareness of where our food comes from. "

Hari Pulapaka is one of CAN's founding leadership board members. He advocates for promoting regional food systems and supports his local Florida community through responsible buying practices and purchasing locally produced products at his restaurant. He collaborates with farmers, recycles as much as possible, minimizes his business footprint, and works to keep food waste to a minimum. He has been published by Huffington Post, writing about the need for chefs to lead in social and food-system change, the importance of accurately labeling "fresh" products for consumers, and promoting vegetable consumption, among other topics. He was part of the small group selected for the 2013 Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force, a conference on cultivating positive change in the seafood industry. His TedxStetsonU talk shared important issues facing our food system and how chefs around the country are collaborating to make positive change.

Organization affiliations: Blue Ribbon Task Force at Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Huffington Post