Jamie Malone
Chef/owner of Brut
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Twitter: @jamiemone

Rep. Keith M. Ellison, MN-5

Chefs Boot Camp alum, April 2014
Areas of interest: School nutrition standards, GMOs, sustainable seafood, responsible sourcing, agriculture, gender, and food affordability and accessibility

"...[T]he question of women versus men and who’s getting the most attention is meaningless because we’re meant to collaborate. In kitchens, in business, in government. We have always collaborated on the most basic need of nurturing.... When taking into account the spectrum of skills it takes to make a restaurant great, one gender is not better suited for the job than the other."

Jamie Malone addressed being a woman in restaurant kitchens in her article in Esquire and during a talk at Imbibe & Inspire: The Roots of American Food, bringing attention to whether gender matters in the industry.

Organization affiliations: Share Our Strength

Gender Inequality Among Chefs