Jeremy Barlow
Chef/Owner of Sloco Sandwiches
Nashville, Tennessee

Twitter: @the_green_tayst

Rep. Jim Cooper, TN-5

Chefs Boot Camp alum, July 2012
Areas of interest: sustainability, slow food movement, community works, affordability and accessibility, responsible sourcing, and school nutrition standards

"Chefs could make a big difference quickly, and we could effect food system change that’s long-lasting."

Jeremy Barlow is the author of Chefs Can Change the World, a tome on green restaurants and how positive change to our food system can bring vast improvement to our health, environment, energy, economy, and security. He is aligned with the slow food movement and at Sloco maintains the ethos of making real food affordable, giving back to the community, operating with a small footprint, and sourcing responsible and seasonal products. Jeremy is involved in the school nutrition movement and participated in the U.S. Healthful Food Council's Eat REAL Tennessee program to recognize restaurants' agricultural leadership. He is on the committee of Alignment Nashville HEAL, which provides assistance in nutrition education and physical activity to students and families.

Organization affiliations: U.S. Healthful Food Council, Eat REAL Tennessee, Super Chefs Against Super Bugs, and Alignment Nashville HEAL

Writings: Chefs Can Change the World