Maria Hines
Chef/Owner of Tilth, Golden Beetle, and Agrodolce
Seattle, Washington

Twitter: @mariahines
Instagram: mariahinesrestaurants

Rep. James McDermott, WA-7

Chefs Boot Camp alum, July 2012
Areas of interest: organic food certification, sustainability, obesity, superbugs and antibiotic overuse, affordable access to local food, GMO labeling, promoting small farmers, and sustainable seafood and supporting local fisherman

"Our goal is to spend every cent on sustainable products."

Maria Hines is one of CAN's founding advisory board members. Her three restaurants are certified organic; Tilth was the second restaurant in the country to receive certification. She was inducted into the U.S. Department of State's first American Chef Corps, which incorporates culinary engagement into diplomatic and cross-cultural exchanges between the U.S. and other nations around the world. She collaborated with Washington senator Maria Cantwell on the Pulse Health Initiative, an addendum in the Farm Bill to fight obesity. Maria is a Superchef Against Superbugs and is involved in movements to improve low-income individuals' access to food, require GMO labeling, and promote "rescued" farmland and sustainable food.

Organization affiliations: American Chef Corps, Wholesome Wave, Chefs Collaborative, and PEW Charitable Trust (superbugs)

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