Spike Mendolsohn
Chef/Owner of Good Stuff EateryBéarnaise, and We, The Pizza
Washington, D.C.

Twitter: @chefspike
Instagram: spikethechef

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC-AL

Chefs Boot Camp alum, April 2014
Areas of interest: global hunger, food aid policy, nutrition standards, food accessibility, sustainability, and responsible sourcing

"We need to offer fresh, better tasting food and battle the large companies by demanding delicious, safe, nutritious food."

Spike Mendolsohn is an advocate for CARE, which brings sustainable change to the people most vulnerable to hunger, violence, and disease. Through this organization, he strives to raise awareness to and combat global hunger, and to improve international food aid policy. In the U.S., he is invested in strengthening nutrition standards and increasing access to healthy foods. Spike considers environmental and agricultural sustainability and supporting the local community paramount to his businesses' operations. Most of his products at each restaurant are sourced from within 100 miles, and he maintains close relationships with local farms and producers.

Organization affiliations: CARE and Let's Move